Delivering you sales

You might have a good idea, maybe even a great one. You have maybe made plans, business canvases and strategies for how to grow domestically and internationally.

The execution, however, has not stood in style with the plans, clients have not been responsive or maybe the great idea is still on the drawing board.

The Nordnes team would love to help you out.

Get in touch to how we can deliver you sales. 

“With the help of the Nordnes team, we have successfully introduced and sold our product in Finland and Norway. The team works independently and provide good opportunities”

– Kim Haaning, Managing Director, Port Safety

“Nordnes Solutions not only helped us prioritise different foreign markets, they also got us our first customer case abroad. They quickly accommodated changes in scope  enabling an even better end result”

Taneli, Ristmeri, CEO, Buildie Ltd

“Nordnes Solutions provides a low-risk, cost-efficient approach to doing business in the Nordic markets”

Sami Ylönen, CEO, Finmeas Ltd


“I have for more than three years worked closely with Dan. He has a good connections in the maritime sector and professionalism and enthusiasm towards his work 

– Peter Lindsay. Founder & Director of Elmhurst Solutions


We’re here to help you make informed decisions and leverage your growth potential. We can create you targeted materials, stand by your side at the crucial market entry moment or you can even outsource product representation to us.

Reach out to Nordnes team to hear what solution best satisfies your needs.

A port safety partner

The Nordnes team is proud to represent LifeLadder from Port Safety on the Norwegian and Finnish market. The game changing safety ladder has already found its home in many of the countries’ largest ports and municipal quay walls.

Don’t hesitate to learn how we can make your quayside safer and more visible.